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Palm tree trimming phoenix az

Palm trees look high-grade on the ground, but there are also challenges in maintaining, cleaning, and removing them. These trees require special strategies when it comes to pruning, stem cleaning, leaf pruning, and maintaining their shape. Therefore, Alias Tree Services takes care of it. We offer flexible Palm Tree Trimming in Phoenix AZ.


To do the job we carefully remove the outer layer of the famous green bark of the palm tree trunk and reveal a clean, shiny surface at the bottom. Although this look is desirable for property owners, we never ignore the risk that an accidental removal of the bark can damage the tree and impair its regenerative ability. So, we work on it as well and trim palm trees very gently.

You need Alias Tree Services if:

  • If your palm tree is unhealthy
  • Dangerous or no longer needed
  • Fallen on the ground
  • You require a stylish makeover

Always keep in mind that in addition to the dangers of bringing down a tree without proper equipment and safety precautions, improper removal of a palm can result in the destruction of the surrounding environment. And above everything, trimming it without any expertise can also damage the look. So, you can come to us for expert help.

Removing the Palm Tree – What We Offer

Alias Tree Services is a licensed company operating since 1960. We are bound to serve our clients since we believe in achieving customer satisfaction at any cost. You can also book a service with insurance so there won’t be any hazards.

  1. We have cheap rates for palm tree trimming
  2. Our services are reliable
  3. We work fast with less mess

Cost of Palm-Tree Trimming

The average cost of tree trimming ranges to service requirements. It starts at a minimum of $200.

To us, every job is different and the cost depends on the time and amount of the work. For example, how difficult and how long it will take to do the job. Larger trees are hard to remove and require more struggle while small trees could be handled by a small team. So the price is on the nature of the job. You can get a free quote for price estimation. Just give us details and the nature of the job.

We are efficient and fast

When it comes to giving Palm Tree Trimming Phoenix AZ service, the speed depends on the time and place of the booking. Although we are busy, still we manage every client with equal attention. We offer both same day and customized-day service. If you call soon we can immediately cater to your needs.

To make your next palm tree trimming easy and fast call Alias Tree Services in Phoenix AZ. We give a hassle-free service by using an easy method and powerful equipment. Just visit our website and call on the given numbers to book a tree trimming service. You can also ask us online by filling out the forms. Our customer care officer will check in with you shortly.

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